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Drop Content into Your Luffa Spaces

Hello! We wanted to let you know that you can now import files by dragging them from your desktop into your Spaces.

Drop images, videos, audio files — and even PDFs. Files are uploaded sequentially, and can be as large as 50Mb each. As files are uploaded, participants see them appear in real-time.
Your Luffa Spaces are now full-screen drop zones.

Benefit from Luffa's voice analysis features on previously-captured content. Imported files are processed and analyzed by Luffa's media pipeline. This means that voice search works on uploaded media as it does on captured meetings and video.

Uploaded files are checked against viruses and malware, so you can stay calm and keep capturing, knowing that your network remains safe.

Here is a video capture showing this new functionality in action:
Luffa drop zones in action.m4v 5.83 MB
Add presentations and outlines in preparation for your next meeting. Then drop reference material while capturing the meeting. Now your discussions and all their supporting material are together — in one place, and in context.

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