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Introducing the new Moments

Moments are the most popular interaction during Luffa meetings, so we made them better.

To make moments better, we listened to your feedback. And here is what you said:

  • “Not all moments are equal. I want to differentiate them at a glance!”
  • “Adjusting moments is difficult on mobile!”
  • “I want to be able to indicate why I flagged the moment!"
So we redesigned moments to address these issues and take them to the next level.

Say hello to the new Moments

When flagging moments, you can now select an icon to identify them visually.  You can also leave a quick note to remind you (or to let your team know) why you flagged the moment.
The new Moments user interface

The moment note and its icon appear in the moment tooltips, and in the meeting timeline, so you can find moments at a glance:
Screenshot: custom notes and icons in the meeting timeline

Moment notes and icons are propagated in real-time to all participants, both during and after the meeting, making sure everyone is in the loop. They are also exposed via the Luffa API, letting you build custom integrations such as connecting smart buttons to Luffa.
Adjusting start and end times is now easier, too. Tap and hold the plus and minus buttons to adjust when the moments start and end. As you hold the buttons, Luffa accelerates the adjustment increments. When you release the plus and minus buttons, Luffa plays a short audio cue indicating the current position, letting you refine the moment boundaries.

Stay tuned for more

We hope these improvements help you run more efficient team meetings.
We have even bigger plans for moments in Luffa, and we are already working on further improvements so stay tuned for more. In the meantime, give the new moments a try and don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions, comments or suggestions.

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