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Managing accounts in your organization

As more people in your organization adopt Luffa, you need to be able to manage their accounts efficiently. So while Luffa is still in its infancy, and while our main focus is on capturing meetings, we started rolling out features to let you easily manage your organization accounts.

These new features start with user roles.

Owners, Admins and Members

Users in Luffa have one of the following three roles: Owner, Admin or Member.

Owners are typically the people who first sign in to Luffa and manage the organization subscription. Other users have the Member role by default. Owners can promote other users to owners or administrators.

Owners and administrators inherit special permissions. At the moment, owners and administrators can:
  • Access the users management settings.
  • Edit a users' name, email, and avatar.
  • Edit a user's role.
  • Disable user accounts.
  • Unshare captures.
Administrators can do everything owners can, except for demoting owners, managing the organization subscription, and deleting the organization.

User roles can also be accessed programmatically via the Luffa API.

Editing Users

Owners and administrators can manage and edit user accounts in the Settings > Users settings area.
The Users Settings view lets owners and admins edit organization accounts.

Click on the pencil icon next to a user to edit the user's settings.
Owners and admins can edit user accounts.

Deactivating accounts

Sometimes you need to restrict a user from accessing your Luffa organization. To do this, owners and administrators can disable the Active toggle in the user settings.

Here is what you need to know about disabling user accounts:
  • Disabled accounts are immediately logged out and their API key is revoked, making sure they can no longer access organization content.
  • Disabled accounts are not deleted, so that other users can still read their content and it all continues to make sense.
  • Disabled accounts appear struck-through in the list of organization users.
  • Disabled accounts can be re-enabled by owners and administrators.

Unsharing shared captures

Sometimes people share captures they shouldn't have. To deal with this, owners and administrators can now unshare captures, directly from the capture actions menu.
Owners and admins can unshare captures.

You can expect to see more administrator-level functionality soon. Whether it is to deal with malicious actions or to assist with simple mishaps, these new features will help you better manage your Luffa organization.

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