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How do you find past meetings quickly?

Luffa lets you capture your team meetings with one tap. You can then "go back in time" and explore the team's social mind, revisiting why specific insights were gained, and how important decisions were made.
But as time goes by and all your meetings are captured, how do you find that particular meeting during which you decided that, let's say, you needed to hire an ice-cream sandwich expert?
Our brains remember meetings based on things that were said, or when they happened. But the human brain is particularly good at geotagging memories with spatial information. So, wouldn't it be great if you could find meetings that happened in a particular location?
It would be great indeed — and now you can, with Luffa! Here is how it works.
Luffa geotags your meetings; you just need to grant access to your location when prompted, and Luffa does the rest. Your geotagged meetings can easily be found by using the near search filter — you can use countries, cities, streets, places and businesses names. Luffa even suggests places as you type, so you can find the meeting you are looking for in a couple of clicks.
Find meetings and captures based on where they took place with Luffa's "near:" search filter.
Automatic geotagging also works for captured videos, photos, and even notes. So combine the new location filter with keyword searches and temporal filters (during:,before:, after:, on:) to find any capture in seconds. Give it a try now ➝

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