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Introducing: Automatic Moments

If you had ever hoped to go hands-free when using Luffa, your time is here.
Starting today, when you complete a Capture where you didn’t flag any Moments, Moments are going to be automatically added without you having to do a thing. On top of that, the way Moments are flagged has been updated thanks to advanced natural language processing techniques.

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With this new addition, we are continuing to expand the role of Artificial Intelligence and NLP within Luffa. With Moments being identified by AI you’ll have the chance to discover Moments that a user may not have thought to flag on their own. With the upgraded selection process, manual Moments will be analyzed so that the phrase that’s deemed most semantically relevant in the Moment is the phrase that is flagged instead of just which phrase is closest by time.
These Moments will behave exactly like regular Moments. You’ll be able to expand them, embed them, clone them, or share them however you like, just like if they were flagged by a teammate. If you did flag Moments during a Capture the Automatic Moments won’t be added, but you can choose to have Automatic Moments generated by clicking on the ‘Auto-Moments’ option in the menu after a Capture is complete.

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Automatic Moments are determined by a combination of Luffa’s auto-summarization and phrase ranking system. With the most relevant phrases being turned into Moments. Phrases on each side of a flagged Moment are also taken into consideration, making it so a Moment will be expanded to grab whole ideas instead of just simple sentences.

For using Moments with integrations you’ll still want to be flagging during your Captures. You’ll be able to specify your flag type and do narrated Moments where you press and hold the flag button to create a longer Moment.
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Once the Moments have been processed and added to a Capture all Space participants will receive an email letting you play all the flagged Moments. Playing back flagged Moments will give you a good impression of the whole conversation, saving you from having to listen to the whole Capture. If you would prefer to not be notified when Moments have been added to a new Capture you can disable this notification type in your Settings.
Now when Capturing you can choose to flag your own Moments or you can leave flagging in Luffa’s hands. Letting you participate in the conversation and not worry about flagging moments yourself. Moments will have the Luffa icon as their avatar so that you can identify which Moments were flagged by Luffa and which Moments were flagged by a user.
At the moment the Automatic Moments feature is only available in English. We are currently testing other languages and are almost ready to introduce the feature for Spanish and French.

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