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Luffa’s Slack App Gets an Upgrade

With the most recent App update, we’re bringing some much-deserved upgrades to the way Luffa behaves within Slack.
The Luffa Slack bot now offers more than just notifications of new Captures. Previously users would get notifications to join new Captures in Slack. Now the notifications are more dynamic. 
You will still receive a notification to join a newly started Capture but once a capture is completed the notification in Slack will change. You will have the option to ‘Open the capture’ in Luffa or to ‘Play the important moments’ right from Slack. The notifications also update whenever the Capture is renamed, edited, or has new moments added. All which are reflected in the new Capture images.

capture image.png 54.34 KB

Originally new Captures were displayed simply in plain text, showing the title of the Capture and the Space it was in. Now each Capture will have its unique waveform representation which will match what you see in the Luffa app. This image is synced to the waveform representation in Luffa and will also update when changes are made to the Capture so that Slack will have the most up to date images. Giving you a full visual timeline of your Captures in Slack.
Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 2.07.54 PM.png 422.17 KB
Using /luffa search command also has a makeover. Now when you search in Slack you’ll get the image of the Capture where results were found. This will help take some of the guesswork out of finding the right Capture as you’ll be able to see the Capture instead of just its title. Semantic Search, which was introduced with our last announcement also works within Slack now.
No action needs to be taken on your part to experience these Slack updates, and if you haven’t connected Luffa to Slack yet you can do so from our Slack page.

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