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Find the right Captures with our new Semantic Search

After our introduction of automatic keywords last month we’ve continued to move forward in bringing more Natural Language Processing into Luffa. We’re now ready to introduce Semantic Search.

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Semantic searching means that Luffa has moved beyond lexical search (looking for exact word matches) and instead now looks for that as well as related terms, broadening your search and leading to higher levels of discoverability and improved accuracy. More simply, it means that when you search for a term like ‘customer’ you’ll get results returned that have the exact match ‘customer’ but also match with ‘client’ and other synonyms.
Now when you search, you’ll receive more results and you won’t miss Captures that relate to the topic you’re looking for if you aren’t able to guess at what the exact term used during the conversation was.
Along with being able to search with themes instead of words, you can now see what key concepts have been recently generated in Luffa. These come from high-level concepts that aren't necessarily directly referenced in the text.
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These extracted concepts are unique to every user, pulled from all Captures that you have access to, and can be searched by using the new ‘About:’ filter in the search bar. Start typing after the filter and new concepts will appear in the drop down list. Concepts will be generated from recent Captures and all Captures going forward. As with full transcripts, extracted concepts and keywords rely on clear audio captures so don’t forget to try a Team Capture the next time you use Luffa.
Semantic searching is currently available in the Luffa web interface, macOS as well as the mobile versions of the app. It will appear in the Windows 10 app in a few more days.

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