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Bringing NLP to Luffa with Automatic Keywords

Already this year we’ve introduced Team Captures and Full Transcripts along with a UI upgrade to our capture view. This week we’re revealing Automatic Keywords which is the first part of a series of new features that will come out of our work on natural language processing and how it can be used within Luffa.

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Automatic Keywords are extracted and generated by Luffa after a capture is completed. The keywords will be displayed in a list when you click into the Search box of a Note or Capture, letting you quickly locate where and when these topics came up in conversation.

With keywords, you’ll get a general idea of the main topics that came up during a conversation or what’s in a written Note. This feature will help identify a Capture or Note without anyone having to take any actions to flag or tag artifacts within Luffa. Get a quick idea of what topics were the focus of a conversation and maybe catch keywords you hadn’t expected to come up.
Keywords will also work as a springboard for further research, within or outside of a conversation. Keywords can lead to new associations to help solve problems and help broaden the thought processes.

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This feature is the first piece of what will be future research into bringing more natural language processing (NLP) technology into Luffa. Luffa is able to experiment with more NLP technology thanks to recent updates that improve audio quality, such as Team Captures, resulting in clearer transcripts, which is an important part of working with NLP techniques. Especially when dealing with conversational data. We’ll be experimenting with different tools and techniques to approach this challenge and build features that will add more value to your captures.

We’ll keep you up to date on our newest features in announcements. If there are any features you’re curious about let us know by sending your thoughts to

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