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UI makeover, full transcripts, and more!

The Luffa Captures interface is getting a makeover and with it, long sought after full transcripts!
To incorporate full transcripts with your sessions we’ve revamped the Capture page to now have three new tabs to more easily navigate your conversation.
TabView.gif 458.38 KB
Along with a tab for full transcripts, we’re adding tabs for Moments and Media to the Capture view to keep everything organized. You’ll still have your main timeline (The Moments tab), which will be the default tab you start on. The Media tab displays thumbnails of all the added artifacts on the Capture, PDFs, presentations, images. While the Conversation tab will give you a display of the full transcript.  
The tabs are visible as soon as you start a Capture. Since the Transcript tab will be there from the beginning, you’ll be able to see the transcript being populated in real time. 
ConversationTab.gif 496.77 KB
Full transcripts can still only be as good as the quality of the audio capture. It’s important to remember some of the tips we have for improving your transcript such as speaking close to your microphone or using an external microphone. Capturing audio from multiple devices as part of a Team Capture is another way to enhance the audio quality which improves your transcripts.
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With this new tabbed view of a Capture, it’s quick to jump between the parts of a session that matter most to you. Find the images you are looking for or that exact quote that wasn’t flagged during the conversation. You’ll be able to look over the transcript to find what part you want to hear without having to listen to the whole conversation.
To start using this newest update make sure that you Luffa app is up-to-date: Luffa on Android - Luffa on iOS - Luffa on macOS - Luffa on Windows (The Windows version will be available in a few more days)

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