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Luffa is bringing the team spirit to your conversations

With the latest update to the platform, Luffa now merges audio captures from multiple devices in the room to give you a clearer sounding session.
It works like this:

TeamCaptureVideo.800px.96col.15fps.gif 16.35 MB

When one person in the room starts a new Capture their device becomes a beacon, sending a signal out to other Luffa users’ nearby devices, alerting them of the new Capture that just started. This low-power Bluetooth signal is secure and will only be sent to people who have access to the active Space and not all nearby users.
Meeting attendants can join the Capture by following the push notification they receive. Their own device will now start capturing ambient audio, which will be combined with the captured audio from all participating devices once the Capture session is ended.
This is a new piece of technology that seems simple when laid out like that but involves a lot of moving parts in the background. When it comes to how does this improve your Luffa experience, it’s simple:

  1. Clear-sounding captures: By capturing audio from devices spread out in the meeting room Luffa balances the sound levels between audio streams so that voices from one side of the room can be heard as easily as the others.
  2. More collaboration: With beacon technology, it’s easier than ever to get all participants in the right place at the right time. This means more minds working together in Luffa to get the most out of your conversations.
  3. Improved transcripts: By combining multiple audio sources and creating a cleaner final audio file the transcription feature of Luffa will also improve as spoken words will be easier to understand. Making searching and moment transcripts more accurate.
The best part is that you don’t need to change anything you’re doing. Just start a capture and have your colleagues join you on Luffa as you typically would and you’ll benefit from all these new features.

There are a few other interface changes you might notice with this update.

  1. Joined Devices: You’ll now see how many different devices are capturing at the same time, meaning the same user can capture from two different devices. 
  2. Capture Quality: Due to feedback we’ve changed the accuracy predictor to an ear icon to show that it’s the system listening and interpreting what you say instead of the strength signal icon of before.
  3. Combining Streams: A small icon of orange and blue waves will show up in the left-hand corner when a Capture is ended where multiple devices were present. It will disappear when the processing of multiple audio streams has finished.
This update marks the completion of a long-term technical project from last year that we’re excited to finally be able to put it in your hands.
To use the new feature make sure you have the most recent app versions, find your update in its app store: Luffa on Android - Luffa on iOS - Luffa on macOS - Luffa on Windows

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