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Upgrade your Luffa Notes with Templates

Even with Luffa actively capturing your conversations, some people still like to be able to type up their own notes or thoughts during a meeting. Other times it’s nice to have a place where you can type out your ideas before you bring them to a brainstorming session. Anyway you look at it, people like to write things down.

And so we’ve made some updates to Luffa Notes!

To help add structure to the way you run your meetings or the way you structure your notes, we’re releasing Templates:

Templates-Announcement-Banner.png 116.32 KB

With the introduction of Templates, we are now making it easier to add structure to your conversation or to create quick reports. Simply choose an existing template to have your document formatted as you wish and you can jump straight to filling in the important pieces of information without having to worry about creating headings or matching previous document styles.

Creating a Note with a template

There are 5 built-in templates that everyone starts with: 

  • 1-on-1
  • Basic meeting
  • Daily Standup
  • Project Status Meeting
  • Weekly team meeting
But you can create your own templates that can be used at any time as well as shared with the rest of your team.

Creating a template for retrospective meetings
Along with templates we’re also introducing interactive task lists for notes!
Creating a to-do list

You can now generate task lists with interactive states for keeping track of projects and tasks that come up during your conversations. Quickly start generating lists by typing  an open and closed bracket: [] or fill it with an x to mark it as completed: [x]

It’s also possible to drag and drop images into any of your Notes, as well as to include images in your saved templates.

Drag and drop a single image or multiple to have a grid of images

To help get familiar with Notes we’ve created new pages in the Help Center that you can reference at any time for a refresher on these new features and using Notes in general.

Or, as always, don’t hesitate to send us any questions at

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