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Saving your searches

Luffa's Assistive Search makes it easy to put together powerful queries. But sometimes you need to regularly look for certain meetings or captures, and end up performing the same search over and over again. So we thought it would be great if you could reuse them.
You can now save your Luffa searches by clicking on the Save button in the search input field. When you save a search, you no longer need to re-build it; you simply click on the save search in the suggestions menu, and Luffa immediately runs it for you. Luffa even recommends matching saved searches as you type in new queries!
You can now save your search queries by clicking on the SAVE button in the search box.
If you no longer need to keep a search around, you can remove it from the list by clicking on the trash icon next to it. As an added bonus, you can also share your saved searches with others in your organization.
Click on saved searches to re-run them.
Finding captures and meetings should be quick and easy; that’s why we put lots of effort into Luffa's search experience. We hope you enjoy this new addition.

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