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Feature Full October

It’s been about a month since you’ve heard from us and we’ve got a lot to share so let’s jump straight into what’s new in Luffa:

  • Create Public Shares of your Captures
  • Flag moments from any window with the new Desktop Widget
  • Fixed Capture Player for easier navigation 
  • More supported languages (German, Korean)
  • Technical improvements to iOS for a faster Luffa experience
You can get more details about each feature in our Help Center or you can get a quick glimpse of them below. Try them out and let us know how it goes!

widget-transparent-bg.png 26.51 KB

Floating Desktop Widget

No longer will you have to access the Luffa capturing screen to flag moments, instead, when you start a Capture a floating button will appear to hover over any of your open windows. You can now flag from anywhere while keeping your remote meeting window front and center or find documents during a meeting without having to manage a bunch of open windows. Update to the newest version of the desktop app to start using the new widget: Mac - Windows.
FloatingButtonPrezi.gif 6.8 MB

Fixed Capture Player

Once you’ve completed a Capture and you want to scroll through your timeline to listen to flagged moments the top control bar now scrolls with you. As you scroll it simplifies to Play/Pause, skip buttons for easier navigation. Now you will no longer lose the visual graph while looking for specific Moments.

LockedNavigator.gif 4.4 MB

Share Captures Publicly

People were asking for ways to easily share their Captures with non-Luffa users. You can now create a public-facing version of a Capture that gives the recipient the ability of listen and search the Capture.  You can create a public link by using the button in the right-hand Capture menu and selecting ‘Get Public Link’.

PublicShare.gif 892.54 KB
With all these new features we’re giving you more ways to capture conversations and to use your Captures in the way you want. The Desktop Widget frees up your screen real-estate while also providing a visual reminder that you can flag Moments.  The locked player will make revisiting past conversations easier, with less need to scroll up and down to figure out your place, making it easier to edit Moment transcripts. While Public Links make it possible to share your knowledge with anyone you choose.

We have also been releasing new versions of the mobile and desktop app on a regular basis. Be sure to you have the most up to date version to get all the new features!

Luffa on Android - Luffa on iOS - Luffa on macOS - Luffa on Windows

If you haven’t yet linked your Luffa organization to your Slack Workspace now’s the time to try it. Get Luffa’s functionality right from within your Slack window!
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