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Luffa + Slack: Your new dream team

We heard that you love Slack, so we’re upgrading the way Slack and Luffa work together!

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Lots of teams are already leveraging the power of Slack to stay in touch and to keep their conversations organized. With the new Luffa app you can start capturing your audio conversations right from within Slack along with your text-based conversations.

Capture new conversations, search existing ones, create new Spaces, all with short commands typed right into your Slack channel. Type ‘/Luffa start’ to start a new Capture then search through your captured conversations by using the ‘/Luffa search’ command as easily as you search through your Slack chat history. All the knowledge from your captured conversation will be available to you right from your Slack window.

Luffa Search results in Slack

You will also now receive a Slack message when anyone starts a new capture in a Space that you have access too. Helping everyone stay up to date on the most recent discussions. Avoid having to constantly switch back and forth between apps by using the new commands and stop worrying about conversation fragmentation with the link between the two platforms.

Starting a Capture in Slack

To add Luffa to your Slack workplace you can install from our Downloads page. To read about all the commands, you can check out our new Help Center page.
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