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New in Luffa: Audio Quotes

After a few months of focusing on security and privacy, Luffa is back on track to bring you some exciting new features. The first of which is our brand new Audio Quotes!
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Audio Quotes are snippets of your Capture that are embedded on your platform of choice to share your knowledge with people outside of Luffa. Embed quotes in your Medium articles, on your Confluence page and more, to give your message that extra personal touch of a real human voice. Press play to see an Audio Quote in action:
Including direct quotes from user feedback helps to support your research documentation, enhance storytelling and communicate ideas more effectively. Use the exact words of a decision maker or insightful user to clarify decisions in your communications and give credit to the people who are pitching their best ideas. There is no longer a risk of the message getting lost in translation, instead, people can listen to the quote and get the most important pieces directly from the source.
Currently, you can embed quotes on any platform that supports iFrames as well as any platform that uses, such as Medium. Which is done as easily as copy-pasting a Luffa Moment link into your post.
Pasting a Moment link into Medium
For a step by step guide on how to start embedding audio quotes in your documents check out our Help Page. Start sharing quotes from user feedback to help align everyone on the team around the user's voice and expectations. Include presenter quotes in your written summaries of an event to capture those key moments of inspiration and insight. Augment your message with Audio Quotes to start sharing knowledge faster.

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