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Take control of your personal data with Luffa Lifetime Policies

Data security and protection is a high priority for us at Luffa. You're trusting us with your voice, and we prioritize its privacy as well as your authority over it. Which is why we created a feature that gives you the ability to create rules that control how long your captured conversations remain available within Luffa.
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Currently, the default within Luffa is to keep everything so that it can be used well into the future. With the new Lifetime feature, you’ll be able to switch between different rules to determine which Captures within which Spaces are kept long-term or deleted over time. The rules can be applied at a Space or Organizational level by an Administrator, who can also grant override abilities to Space Owners.

While this feature is great for individuals who are rigorous about data management, it’s also a helpful feature for Administrators. Lifetime policies will allow administrators to implement organization-wide policies that match those that already exist for the management of documents within an organization. If all records are set to be shredded or disposed of in 6 years, you can change the settings within Luffa so that all captures are also removed after 6 years.

Periodic deletion is also a helpful security measure for people who deal with more sensitive recordings. Set rules to erase all conversations with confidential information, such as job interviews or 1-on-1s that may be of a more sensitive nature or less relevant over time.
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With the approach of Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on Luffa’s radar, we are working to make sure that all of our users have control over the personally identifiable information within Luffa. With Spaces you control who has access to specific conversations, and with these new Lifetime Policies, you also control how long conversations remain accessible within those Spaces.

You can read more details on how to use Luffa’s new Lifetime Policy rules in our Help Center. And as always, if you have questions or need help using this new feature, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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