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New in Luffa: Simplify your team's signup flow

In Luffa’s continued efforts to make it quick and easy to onboard your team members we’re rolling out a new signup mode and Single Sign-On functionality. 
No longer will you need to send out individual invitations to each member of your organization. Simply add your domain name to the list of accepted domain names in the Organization Settings to allow for anyone with a matching email address to gain access to your Luffa organization. 
For details on how to activate this new signup mode for your organization, you can read more about it in our Help Center.
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With this new signup mode, coupled with guest invitations it’s easier than ever to bring all the important contributors into your conversations. Get the whole team in Luffa to flag the most insightful Moments and have their voices heard. Organization administrators and owners will now receive an email with a list of all new members and guests who have signed up to increase transparency.
Along with the new sign up mode, we are also announcing Luffa’s Single Sign-On feature. SSO allows users to sign into Luffa using their company email addresses without having to go through the regular Luffa signup flow. Using Single Sign-On also increases your account security by running authentication checks through an external system that you already trust. SSO also makes your administrator's job easier by allowing them to manage team applications and user accounts in one centralized place.
To implement Single Sign-On for your organization, you can follow the step by step guide in our Help Center. Luffa currently supports G Suite and SAML SSO configuration.
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These new features help bolster the security of your Luffa accounts as well as your data. Giving you a secure place to keep your ideas and decisions well into the future.
If you’d like help in setting up any of these features for your Luffa organization feel free to reach out to us at
Stay tuned for our next update for some new, exciting additions to Luffa’s technical repertoire. Until then, always be capturing!
Team Luffa

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