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Bring everyone to the conversation with Guest Invites

The best projects are the result of diverse teams being brought together for a common cause. Ideal candidates are not always the ones working in your organization, so we team up with external colleagues, freelancers, and contractors. This way we break ourselves out of our own organizational silos and bring in experience from a wider crowd.
Which is why, by popular demand, we are happy to announce that it’s now possible to invite members outside of your organization to participate in a Luffa Space!
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It is now possible to create a Space, invite your colleagues as well as any outside contacts who would benefit from collaborating within Luffa. Guests are able to start new sessions, search everything within a Space and add their own meeting artifacts. They are also able to leave the Space on their own at any time or be removed by an organization member.
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Once in a Space, guests are designated with a badge icon in the list of participants. The invited guests will only have access to the Space they are invited too. They will have all the abilities of an organization member within that Space. Guest users are limited by the fact that they are unable to invite more guests into the Space or remove other users. They also cannot share or move Captures out of the Space.
You will now no longer need to download a captured session and send it to outside participants manually. Simply grant them access so that they can benefit from all of the features of Luffa to help them capitalize on their conversations with you and your team. 
This Guest Participant feature is now live on the web version of Luffa and will be on the mobile and native apps later this week. For a step by step on how to invite guests you can read our Help Center page about the feature. Give it a shot to start collaborating with more people than ever before!

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