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Turn your words into actions with Luffa integrations

With Luffa integrations it’s easy to make your words into actions.
When using Luffa with integrations you can set a specific Moment type to trigger instant card, story, and ticket creation in your project management tool of choice. That way, when you are in the midst of discussing a user story or a list of requirements for a new task, you can instantly flag the moment to create a new story linked to that conversation.

Your words become the ticket title and the surrounding conversation is linked to the ticket. By using integrations you’ll save time on post-meeting ticket creation as well as from digging through notes to recover previous discussions.
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To start using integrations you can head to your Settings page and go through the steps to connect to your tools of choice. You can find detailed guides on how to setup your integrations in our Help Center. If you have any questions about setting up your integrations, send them our way and we’ll get you set up.
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If you don’t see your favourite app on our current list of supported platforms let us know which app you’d like to see us integrate with next!

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