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Sharing captures with your organization

One of Luffa's main premises is that everyone should capture knowledge as it is gained, and share it with the rest of the organization. Sharing the things you do and learn with the rest of the organization should be a reflex, and super easy!
With this in mind, we are happy to release Luffa’s sharing functionality: you can now share your captures with the organization in a couple of clicks.
Here is how it works: open the capture you would like to share, open the actions menu on the top-right corner, click Share and confirm. Your shared notes, photos, videos and meetings appear in the organization timeline where everyone in the organization can see what is being created collectively.
The organization timeline.
Knowledge and trust go hand-in-hand. Knowledge travels faster in circles of high trust; but the opposite is also true: the more you share, the more trust you build. So start capturing what you learn, and sharing it with your organization; it will empower you.

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