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Capturing your remote conversations is now easier than ever

Capturing your conversations is easier than ever with the new version of Luffa Desktop on macOS.
Luffa Desktop v1.1 now unifies screen and audio capture into a single flow in place of the original audio only capture flow. Now when you click on the orange meeting button you’ll be prompted to select a screen to capture, which microphone and whether or not you want to capture the system audio.
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With this new flow, your screen is now part of the main capturing flow, making it more discoverable and faster to access. This new version also allows you to get live moment transcripts while capturing a screen instead of having to wait until the end of the capture to wait for the indexing process.

As always, you will have the option to capture audio without capturing your screen.

Along with a few bug fixes, this version of Luffa Desktop is the most advanced capturing experience in the Luffa ecosystem. Download it now or update your current version from the App Store!
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In other Luffa news, we’ve started to publish blog posts on our Medium account
about knowledge resilience and Luffa use cases. Give us a follow if you’d like to see our future publications or applaud any that you’ve enjoyed! In the future, we’ll publish more unique use cases as well as best practices for capturing knowledge within teams.
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If you have any comments or feedback about this new version of Luffa Desktop feel free to contact us at any time!

Always be capturing,
Team Luffa

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