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Introducing: Luffa Desktop

We here at Luffa are excited to announce that Luffa Desktop, our brand new desktop app for macOS, has been released in the App Store!
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Luffa Desktop does everything the web version of Luffa while giving you the ability to capture screens as well as system audio for a higher quality recording. With Luffa Desktop you’ll be able to start capturing conversations as well as screencasts with a single click from any screen on your computer. Simply click on the Luffa icon in your menu bar to get recording.
Start a new Capture from your menu bar
Luffa Desktop looks exactly like the web interface for Luffa so there’s no new learning curve or setups to figure out. If you’re already using Luffa your Spaces and Captures are exactly where you left them and you can continue to use Luffa exactly how you were now with the convenience of a native app.

Once installed you can capture product demos, user interviews and on-screen experiences with a single click. When starting screen captures you’ll be able to select which window or screen it is you want to record as well as which audio you’d like to capture (microphone or system audio or both!).
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Once the Capture has started it’s even easier to flag Moments than ever before. Simply click on the Luffa icon in the menu bar or hit ‘Option + Command⌘ + F’ on your keyboard to flag valuable pieces of dialog without having to switch over to the app. Just keep Luffa in your dock and have it be a single click away at any moment to never miss recording another important conversation.
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We have more in development for it and future ideas but we’re open to hearing your thoughts and suggestions. Download the app and give it a try then let us know what you think:
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If you encounter any issues with installing Luffa Desktop or capturing conversations feel free to contact us at any time!

Always be capturing,
Team Luffa

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