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Stop taking notes. Start having a conversation.

Great news! Luffa now automatically transcribes important moments in your conversations.
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With Luffa, you now have access to automatic transcriptions of your discussions around flagged moments. You can also extend moments to show as many or as few transcribed phrases as you need.

Automatic transcriptions are a powerful time-saver, but can be sensitive to strong accents and poor acoustic conditions. So Luffa lets you edit transcriptions in place. Plus, Luffa gets smarter as you edit them, improving search results and future speech recognitions.
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Automatic transcriptions also work with your screencasts, and with videos dropped into your spaces. In a few taps you can now create a complete and discoverable visual outline of your meetings, demos, interviews and creative sessions. So start the capture and focus on what really matters: having a conversation.

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