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Say Hello to the New Luffa Screen Capturing Extension for Google Chrome

Today we are happy to announce the new Luffa Screen Capture Extension for Google Chrome. This browser extension lets you capture product demos, UX reviews, live chats, and other experiences that happen on your desktop screens.

Install the extension and start capturing your demos in one click. When the extension is installed, the main capture menu shows a new option: Capture the screen. Use this option to capture screens directly into a Space of your choice:
5b8fc166-bf77-49b9-bf87-3787392f6525.png 58.62 KB
You can also start a screen capture without opening Simply click on the Luffa icon in the Chrome toolbar to start capturing your screen right away:
Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 4.36.08 PM.png 118.6 KB
The Luffa extension captures the microphone audio, making it ideal for narrated demos. Plus, it includes Luffa's voice analysis features. This means that you can find your screen captures easily, navigate them based on words and phrases, and also locate sections by searching the voice.

With the new Luffa extension for Google Chrome, everyone in your organization can capture their demos in a breeze. There's no longer need to install additional software. No need to find and upload huge files. And no need worry about checking for viruses and malware — Luffa takes care of it all. Just click on the Start Screencast button and showcase your team's latest creations.

Go ahead, start capturing your demos today!

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