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Bring Presentations and Designs to Your Meetings with Luffa Mobile

Luffa Mobile now makes it easier to include presentations and designs directly from your favourite apps into your Luffa spaces.
Import presentations and designs with Luffa Mobile.
Add presentations to your spaces in preparation for your next meeting. Or include a reference PDF while capturing the meeting, to share it with your team in real-time, in all security and in context.

Draft experiences during your design sessions using sketching apps such as Autodesk Sketchbook or Paper by 53Include diagrams from Omnigraffle, and photos taken with your favourite photo app.

All of this, and more — by just tapping the Share button. See it in action on an iPad:
sharing.m4v 17.7 MB

Don't miss a moment and get the latest version of Luffa Mobile. On iOS, open the TestFlight app and upgrade to the latest version of the app. On Android, download the latest version here.

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