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Introducing: Automatic Moments

If you had ever hoped to go hands-free when using Luffa, your time is here.
Starting today, when you complete a Capture where you didn’t flag any Moments, Moments are going to be automatically added without you having to do a thing. On top of that, the way Moments are flagged has been updated thanks to advanced natural language processing techniques.

auto-moments-anouncement-banner.png 305.82 KB

With this new addition, we are continuing to expand the role of Artificial Intelligence and NLP within Luffa. With Moments being identified by AI you’ll have the chance to discover Moments that a user may not have thought to flag on their own. With the upgraded selection process, manual Moments will be analyzed so that the phrase that’s deemed most semantically relevant in the Moment is the phrase that is flagged instead of just which phrase is closest by time.
These Moments will behave exactly like regular Moments. You’ll be able to expand them, embed them, clone them, or share them however you like, just like if they were flagged by a teammate. If you did flag Moments during a Capture the Automatic Moments won’t be added, but you can choose to have Automatic Moments generated by clicking on the ‘Auto-Moments’ option in the menu after a Capture is complete.

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 1.18.22 PM.png 147.8 KB

Automatic Moments are determined by a combination of Luffa’s auto-summarization and phrase ranking system. With the most relevant phrases being turned into Moments. Phrases on each side of a flagged Moment are also taken into consideration, making it so a Moment will be expanded to grab whole ideas instead of just simple sentences.

For using Moments with integrations you’ll still want to be flagging during your Captures. You’ll be able to specify your flag type and do narrated Moments where you press and hold the flag button to create a longer Moment.
Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 11.48.16 AM.png 118.6 KB

Once the Moments have been processed and added to a Capture all Space participants will receive an email letting you play all the flagged Moments. Playing back flagged Moments will give you a good impression of the whole conversation, saving you from having to listen to the whole Capture. If you would prefer to not be notified when Moments have been added to a new Capture you can disable this notification type in your Settings.
Now when Capturing you can choose to flag your own Moments or you can leave flagging in Luffa’s hands. Letting you participate in the conversation and not worry about flagging moments yourself. Moments will have the Luffa icon as their avatar so that you can identify which Moments were flagged by Luffa and which Moments were flagged by a user.
At the moment the Automatic Moments feature is only available in English. We are currently testing other languages and are almost ready to introduce the feature for Spanish and French.

Luffa’s Slack App Gets an Upgrade

With the most recent App update, we’re bringing some much-deserved upgrades to the way Luffa behaves within Slack.
The Luffa Slack bot now offers more than just notifications of new Captures. Previously users would get notifications to join new Captures in Slack. Now the notifications are more dynamic. 
You will still receive a notification to join a newly started Capture but once a capture is completed the notification in Slack will change. You will have the option to ‘Open the capture’ in Luffa or to ‘Play the important moments’ right from Slack. The notifications also update whenever the Capture is renamed, edited, or has new moments added. All which are reflected in the new Capture images.

capture image.png 54.34 KB

Originally new Captures were displayed simply in plain text, showing the title of the Capture and the Space it was in. Now each Capture will have its unique waveform representation which will match what you see in the Luffa app. This image is synced to the waveform representation in Luffa and will also update when changes are made to the Capture so that Slack will have the most up to date images. Giving you a full visual timeline of your Captures in Slack.
Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 2.07.54 PM.png 422.17 KB
Using /luffa search command also has a makeover. Now when you search in Slack you’ll get the image of the Capture where results were found. This will help take some of the guesswork out of finding the right Capture as you’ll be able to see the Capture instead of just its title. Semantic Search, which was introduced with our last announcement also works within Slack now.
No action needs to be taken on your part to experience these Slack updates, and if you haven’t connected Luffa to Slack yet you can do so from our Slack page.

Find the right Captures with our new Semantic Search

After our introduction of automatic keywords last month we’ve continued to move forward in bringing more Natural Language Processing into Luffa. We’re now ready to introduce Semantic Search.

Semantic-Search-Announcement-Banner.png 251.42 KB

Semantic searching means that Luffa has moved beyond lexical search (looking for exact word matches) and instead now looks for that as well as related terms, broadening your search and leading to higher levels of discoverability and improved accuracy. More simply, it means that when you search for a term like ‘customer’ you’ll get results returned that have the exact match ‘customer’ but also match with ‘client’ and other synonyms.
Now when you search, you’ll receive more results and you won’t miss Captures that relate to the topic you’re looking for if you aren’t able to guess at what the exact term used during the conversation was.
Along with being able to search with themes instead of words, you can now see what key concepts have been recently generated in Luffa. These come from high-level concepts that aren't necessarily directly referenced in the text.
about filter.png 365.76 KB

These extracted concepts are unique to every user, pulled from all Captures that you have access to, and can be searched by using the new ‘About:’ filter in the search bar. Start typing after the filter and new concepts will appear in the drop down list. Concepts will be generated from recent Captures and all Captures going forward. As with full transcripts, extracted concepts and keywords rely on clear audio captures so don’t forget to try a Team Capture the next time you use Luffa.
Semantic searching is currently available in the Luffa web interface, macOS as well as the mobile versions of the app. It will appear in the Windows 10 app in a few more days.

Bringing NLP to Luffa with Automatic Keywords

Already this year we’ve introduced Team Captures and Full Transcripts along with a UI upgrade to our capture view. This week we’re revealing Automatic Keywords which is the first part of a series of new features that will come out of our work on natural language processing and how it can be used within Luffa.

keywords-anouncement-banner.png 143.86 KB

Automatic Keywords are extracted and generated by Luffa after a capture is completed. The keywords will be displayed in a list when you click into the Search box of a Note or Capture, letting you quickly locate where and when these topics came up in conversation.

With keywords, you’ll get a general idea of the main topics that came up during a conversation or what’s in a written Note. This feature will help identify a Capture or Note without anyone having to take any actions to flag or tag artifacts within Luffa. Get a quick idea of what topics were the focus of a conversation and maybe catch keywords you hadn’t expected to come up.
Keywords will also work as a springboard for further research, within or outside of a conversation. Keywords can lead to new associations to help solve problems and help broaden the thought processes.

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 11.21.23 AM.png 115.05 KB

This feature is the first piece of what will be future research into bringing more natural language processing (NLP) technology into Luffa. Luffa is able to experiment with more NLP technology thanks to recent updates that improve audio quality, such as Team Captures, resulting in clearer transcripts, which is an important part of working with NLP techniques. Especially when dealing with conversational data. We’ll be experimenting with different tools and techniques to approach this challenge and build features that will add more value to your captures.

We’ll keep you up to date on our newest features in announcements. If there are any features you’re curious about let us know by sending your thoughts to

UI makeover, full transcripts, and more!

The Luffa Captures interface is getting a makeover and with it, long sought after full transcripts!
To incorporate full transcripts with your sessions we’ve revamped the Capture page to now have three new tabs to more easily navigate your conversation.
TabView.gif 458.38 KB
Along with a tab for full transcripts, we’re adding tabs for Moments and Media to the Capture view to keep everything organized. You’ll still have your main timeline (The Moments tab), which will be the default tab you start on. The Media tab displays thumbnails of all the added artifacts on the Capture, PDFs, presentations, images. While the Conversation tab will give you a display of the full transcript.  
The tabs are visible as soon as you start a Capture. Since the Transcript tab will be there from the beginning, you’ll be able to see the transcript being populated in real time. 
ConversationTab.gif 496.77 KB
Full transcripts can still only be as good as the quality of the audio capture. It’s important to remember some of the tips we have for improving your transcript such as speaking close to your microphone or using an external microphone. Capturing audio from multiple devices as part of a Team Capture is another way to enhance the audio quality which improves your transcripts.
pasted image.png 493.96 KB

With this new tabbed view of a Capture, it’s quick to jump between the parts of a session that matter most to you. Find the images you are looking for or that exact quote that wasn’t flagged during the conversation. You’ll be able to look over the transcript to find what part you want to hear without having to listen to the whole conversation.
To start using this newest update make sure that you Luffa app is up-to-date: Luffa on Android - Luffa on iOS - Luffa on macOS - Luffa on Windows (The Windows version will be available in a few more days)

Luffa is bringing the team spirit to your conversations

With the latest update to the platform, Luffa now merges audio captures from multiple devices in the room to give you a clearer sounding session.
It works like this:

TeamCaptureVideo.800px.96col.15fps.gif 16.35 MB

When one person in the room starts a new Capture their device becomes a beacon, sending a signal out to other Luffa users’ nearby devices, alerting them of the new Capture that just started. This low-power Bluetooth signal is secure and will only be sent to people who have access to the active Space and not all nearby users.
Meeting attendants can join the Capture by following the push notification they receive. Their own device will now start capturing ambient audio, which will be combined with the captured audio from all participating devices once the Capture session is ended.
This is a new piece of technology that seems simple when laid out like that but involves a lot of moving parts in the background. When it comes to how does this improve your Luffa experience, it’s simple:

  1. Clear-sounding captures: By capturing audio from devices spread out in the meeting room Luffa balances the sound levels between audio streams so that voices from one side of the room can be heard as easily as the others.
  2. More collaboration: With beacon technology, it’s easier than ever to get all participants in the right place at the right time. This means more minds working together in Luffa to get the most out of your conversations.
  3. Improved transcripts: By combining multiple audio sources and creating a cleaner final audio file the transcription feature of Luffa will also improve as spoken words will be easier to understand. Making searching and moment transcripts more accurate.
The best part is that you don’t need to change anything you’re doing. Just start a capture and have your colleagues join you on Luffa as you typically would and you’ll benefit from all these new features.

There are a few other interface changes you might notice with this update.

  1. Joined Devices: You’ll now see how many different devices are capturing at the same time, meaning the same user can capture from two different devices. 
  2. Capture Quality: Due to feedback we’ve changed the accuracy predictor to an ear icon to show that it’s the system listening and interpreting what you say instead of the strength signal icon of before.
  3. Combining Streams: A small icon of orange and blue waves will show up in the left-hand corner when a Capture is ended where multiple devices were present. It will disappear when the processing of multiple audio streams has finished.
This update marks the completion of a long-term technical project from last year that we’re excited to finally be able to put it in your hands.
To use the new feature make sure you have the most recent app versions, find your update in its app store: Luffa on Android - Luffa on iOS - Luffa on macOS - Luffa on Windows

Upgrade your Luffa Notes with Templates

Even with Luffa actively capturing your conversations, some people still like to be able to type up their own notes or thoughts during a meeting. Other times it’s nice to have a place where you can type out your ideas before you bring them to a brainstorming session. Anyway you look at it, people like to write things down.

And so we’ve made some updates to Luffa Notes!

To help add structure to the way you run your meetings or the way you structure your notes, we’re releasing Templates:

Templates-Announcement-Banner.png 116.32 KB

With the introduction of Templates, we are now making it easier to add structure to your conversation or to create quick reports. Simply choose an existing template to have your document formatted as you wish and you can jump straight to filling in the important pieces of information without having to worry about creating headings or matching previous document styles.

Creating a Note with a template

There are 5 built-in templates that everyone starts with: 

  • 1-on-1
  • Basic meeting
  • Daily Standup
  • Project Status Meeting
  • Weekly team meeting
But you can create your own templates that can be used at any time as well as shared with the rest of your team.

Creating a template for retrospective meetings
Along with templates we’re also introducing interactive task lists for notes!
Creating a to-do list

You can now generate task lists with interactive states for keeping track of projects and tasks that come up during your conversations. Quickly start generating lists by typing  an open and closed bracket: [] or fill it with an x to mark it as completed: [x]

It’s also possible to drag and drop images into any of your Notes, as well as to include images in your saved templates.

Drag and drop a single image or multiple to have a grid of images

To help get familiar with Notes we’ve created new pages in the Help Center that you can reference at any time for a refresher on these new features and using Notes in general.

Or, as always, don’t hesitate to send us any questions at

Feature Full October

It’s been about a month since you’ve heard from us and we’ve got a lot to share so let’s jump straight into what’s new in Luffa:

  • Create Public Shares of your Captures
  • Flag moments from any window with the new Desktop Widget
  • Fixed Capture Player for easier navigation 
  • More supported languages (German, Korean)
  • Technical improvements to iOS for a faster Luffa experience
You can get more details about each feature in our Help Center or you can get a quick glimpse of them below. Try them out and let us know how it goes!

widget-transparent-bg.png 26.51 KB

Floating Desktop Widget

No longer will you have to access the Luffa capturing screen to flag moments, instead, when you start a Capture a floating button will appear to hover over any of your open windows. You can now flag from anywhere while keeping your remote meeting window front and center or find documents during a meeting without having to manage a bunch of open windows. Update to the newest version of the desktop app to start using the new widget: Mac - Windows.
FloatingButtonPrezi.gif 6.8 MB

Fixed Capture Player

Once you’ve completed a Capture and you want to scroll through your timeline to listen to flagged moments the top control bar now scrolls with you. As you scroll it simplifies to Play/Pause, skip buttons for easier navigation. Now you will no longer lose the visual graph while looking for specific Moments.

LockedNavigator.gif 4.4 MB

Share Captures Publicly

People were asking for ways to easily share their Captures with non-Luffa users. You can now create a public-facing version of a Capture that gives the recipient the ability of listen and search the Capture.  You can create a public link by using the button in the right-hand Capture menu and selecting ‘Get Public Link’.

PublicShare.gif 892.54 KB
With all these new features we’re giving you more ways to capture conversations and to use your Captures in the way you want. The Desktop Widget frees up your screen real-estate while also providing a visual reminder that you can flag Moments.  The locked player will make revisiting past conversations easier, with less need to scroll up and down to figure out your place, making it easier to edit Moment transcripts. While Public Links make it possible to share your knowledge with anyone you choose.

We have also been releasing new versions of the mobile and desktop app on a regular basis. Be sure to you have the most up to date version to get all the new features!

Luffa on Android - Luffa on iOS - Luffa on macOS - Luffa on Windows

If you haven’t yet linked your Luffa organization to your Slack Workspace now’s the time to try it. Get Luffa’s functionality right from within your Slack window!
Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 9.56.54 AM.png 250.57 KB

Luffa + Slack: Your new dream team

We heard that you love Slack, so we’re upgrading the way Slack and Luffa work together!

Slack-app-Announcement-Banner (2).png 159.51 KB

Lots of teams are already leveraging the power of Slack to stay in touch and to keep their conversations organized. With the new Luffa app you can start capturing your audio conversations right from within Slack along with your text-based conversations.

Capture new conversations, search existing ones, create new Spaces, all with short commands typed right into your Slack channel. Type ‘/Luffa start’ to start a new Capture then search through your captured conversations by using the ‘/Luffa search’ command as easily as you search through your Slack chat history. All the knowledge from your captured conversation will be available to you right from your Slack window.

Luffa Search results in Slack

You will also now receive a Slack message when anyone starts a new capture in a Space that you have access too. Helping everyone stay up to date on the most recent discussions. Avoid having to constantly switch back and forth between apps by using the new commands and stop worrying about conversation fragmentation with the link between the two platforms.

Starting a Capture in Slack

To add Luffa to your Slack workplace you can install from our Downloads page. To read about all the commands, you can check out our new Help Center page.
slack-badge (1).png 16.53 KB

New in Luffa: Audio Quotes

After a few months of focusing on security and privacy, Luffa is back on track to bring you some exciting new features. The first of which is our brand new Audio Quotes!
Audio-Quotes-Announcement-Banner.png 119.83 KB
Audio Quotes are snippets of your Capture that are embedded on your platform of choice to share your knowledge with people outside of Luffa. Embed quotes in your Medium articles, on your Confluence page and more, to give your message that extra personal touch of a real human voice. Press play to see an Audio Quote in action:
Including direct quotes from user feedback helps to support your research documentation, enhance storytelling and communicate ideas more effectively. Use the exact words of a decision maker or insightful user to clarify decisions in your communications and give credit to the people who are pitching their best ideas. There is no longer a risk of the message getting lost in translation, instead, people can listen to the quote and get the most important pieces directly from the source.
Currently, you can embed quotes on any platform that supports iFrames as well as any platform that uses, such as Medium. Which is done as easily as copy-pasting a Luffa Moment link into your post.
Pasting a Moment link into Medium
For a step by step guide on how to start embedding audio quotes in your documents check out our Help Page. Start sharing quotes from user feedback to help align everyone on the team around the user's voice and expectations. Include presenter quotes in your written summaries of an event to capture those key moments of inspiration and insight. Augment your message with Audio Quotes to start sharing knowledge faster.

Keeping your data safe & sound

You’ve seen all the emails, agreed to the new policies, accepted some new terms. The GDPR updates have been flooding everyone’s inbox and we’re here to keep you in the loop about Luffa’s GDPR changes.
For the last few months, we’ve been focused on upgrading Luffa’s security and individual user rights over personal data. We get asked about security fairly often and we want to do everything in our power to show you that we take your privacy seriously. You are trusting us with your voice after all.
GDPR-Announcement-Banner.png 150.03 KB

Today’s new features that put control in the hands of the user: 

  • Data Export Tool: Request a copy of all your data in Luffa
  • Remove Personal Data: Edit personal info like name, email address
  • Delete Profile Data: For owners and admins to anonymize user accounts
  • New User Consent: An extra layer of consent for capturing audio 
Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 9.55.08 AM.png 118.68 KB
When you start your first capture after signing up (or logging in after today) you’ll be asked to agree to give consent to Luffa, showing that you understand that you are giving Luffa permission to capture your voice and perform processing as part of the Luffa experience.  If you change your mind at any point this consent can be revoked by contacting our Data Protection Officer at, or, in the near feature, with a feature in your account settings.

These new features combined with our previously announced Lifetime Policy rules round out our GDPR features for users. But that’s not the end of our updates. 

New Policy Documentation

As of Friday, May 25th we’ll have a new Privacy Policy, Terms of Service as well as other supporting documentation about processing data and data management at Luffa available to read on our website or by request. Security is, and will always be, a big issue so our goal is to be as transparent as possible with everything we do at Luffa. We use your data strictly to provide you with an enjoyable product and experience.
Since we know that no one reads privacy policies we are providing a more user-friendly version of the usual legalese heavy wall of text. Which is why on our Privacy Policy page you’ll be able to switch between reading the official legalese version as well as a plain English version that breaks down each point of the document in much friendlier language.
Policy_Switch2.gif 10.69 MB
By continuing to use our product you will be agreeing to these new terms and policies without having to do any extra actions. We will however be asking everyone for the new consent on for first new capture on or after May 25th.  
We know that data privacy isn’t the most interesting topic, and you’re probably tired of seeing it in your inbox. Just know that we’re doing everything we can to keep your data safe as well as to let you remain in control of it. If you’d like to hear about any fine-grained details about privacy at Luffa feel free to reach out to our Data Protection Officer at
In our next updates, we’ll start to share more non-security related features we’ve had in the works for a while, so stay tuned!

Customize your Luffa workflows with Zapier

With five official integrations so far, Luffa is now opening up the gates to integrate with just about any platform of your choice by using a Zapier connector!
Zapier-Beta-Announcement-Banner.png 142.7 KB
By using Zapier with Luffa you will be able to connect to any of Zapier’s 1,000+ integrated apps. Capture all your flagged Moments in an Excel Spreadsheet for easy portability. Create new Calendar Events in your calendar by stating the details during your conversation. Have a new Evernote note created when a new Luffa meeting starts and push Moments directly to it. Helping you to further customize your workflow and get more out of your meetings.
Due to Zapier’s process of introducing new integrations, they require that each new platform has 10 unique users before the connector can be made public. We’ve done testing on our end and are ready to start inviting more users in to give it a go. If you’re interested in creating the perfect workflow between your tools, now is your chance!
reuest-access.png 3.94 KB
We have a Google Form you can fill out here to request access. Once we receive your email address we’ll grant you permission to access the Luffa connector on the Zapier website. If you have any questions in regards to using Zapier and Luffa together feel free to reach out and we’ll get you set up.
If you don’t want to be an early Zapier tester but you’re interested in seeing more integrations created, let us know in a reply and we will notify you about new Zaps in the future.
For a live example of a Zapier + Luffa use case, you can read about using Zaps in a recent blog post  on capturing a Dungeons and Dragons session with Luffa.

Take control of your personal data with Luffa Lifetime Policies

Data security and protection is a high priority for us at Luffa. You're trusting us with your voice, and we prioritize its privacy as well as your authority over it. Which is why we created a feature that gives you the ability to create rules that control how long your captured conversations remain available within Luffa.
lifetime-policies-announcement-banner.png 101.35 KB
Currently, the default within Luffa is to keep everything so that it can be used well into the future. With the new Lifetime feature, you’ll be able to switch between different rules to determine which Captures within which Spaces are kept long-term or deleted over time. The rules can be applied at a Space or Organizational level by an Administrator, who can also grant override abilities to Space Owners.

While this feature is great for individuals who are rigorous about data management, it’s also a helpful feature for Administrators. Lifetime policies will allow administrators to implement organization-wide policies that match those that already exist for the management of documents within an organization. If all records are set to be shredded or disposed of in 6 years, you can change the settings within Luffa so that all captures are also removed after 6 years.

Periodic deletion is also a helpful security measure for people who deal with more sensitive recordings. Set rules to erase all conversations with confidential information, such as job interviews or 1-on-1s that may be of a more sensitive nature or less relevant over time.
Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 10.33.23 AM.png 359.93 KB
With the approach of Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on Luffa’s radar, we are working to make sure that all of our users have control over the personally identifiable information within Luffa. With Spaces you control who has access to specific conversations, and with these new Lifetime Policies, you also control how long conversations remain accessible within those Spaces.

You can read more details on how to use Luffa’s new Lifetime Policy rules in our Help Center. And as always, if you have questions or need help using this new feature, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

New in Luffa: Simplify your team's signup flow

In Luffa’s continued efforts to make it quick and easy to onboard your team members we’re rolling out a new signup mode and Single Sign-On functionality. 
No longer will you need to send out individual invitations to each member of your organization. Simply add your domain name to the list of accepted domain names in the Organization Settings to allow for anyone with a matching email address to gain access to your Luffa organization. 
For details on how to activate this new signup mode for your organization, you can read more about it in our Help Center.
signup-mode-announcement-banner.png 97.6 KB
With this new signup mode, coupled with guest invitations it’s easier than ever to bring all the important contributors into your conversations. Get the whole team in Luffa to flag the most insightful Moments and have their voices heard. Organization administrators and owners will now receive an email with a list of all new members and guests who have signed up to increase transparency.
Along with the new sign up mode, we are also announcing Luffa’s Single Sign-On feature. SSO allows users to sign into Luffa using their company email addresses without having to go through the regular Luffa signup flow. Using Single Sign-On also increases your account security by running authentication checks through an external system that you already trust. SSO also makes your administrator's job easier by allowing them to manage team applications and user accounts in one centralized place.
To implement Single Sign-On for your organization, you can follow the step by step guide in our Help Center. Luffa currently supports G Suite and SAML SSO configuration.
sso-ui.png 276.58 KB
These new features help bolster the security of your Luffa accounts as well as your data. Giving you a secure place to keep your ideas and decisions well into the future.
If you’d like help in setting up any of these features for your Luffa organization feel free to reach out to us at
Stay tuned for our next update for some new, exciting additions to Luffa’s technical repertoire. Until then, always be capturing!
Team Luffa

Bring everyone to the conversation with Guest Invites

The best projects are the result of diverse teams being brought together for a common cause. Ideal candidates are not always the ones working in your organization, so we team up with external colleagues, freelancers, and contractors. This way we break ourselves out of our own organizational silos and bring in experience from a wider crowd.
Which is why, by popular demand, we are happy to announce that it’s now possible to invite members outside of your organization to participate in a Luffa Space!
guest-participants-banner.png 97.93 KB
It is now possible to create a Space, invite your colleagues as well as any outside contacts who would benefit from collaborating within Luffa. Guests are able to start new sessions, search everything within a Space and add their own meeting artifacts. They are also able to leave the Space on their own at any time or be removed by an organization member.
Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 3.27.02 PM.png 224.41 KB
Once in a Space, guests are designated with a badge icon in the list of participants. The invited guests will only have access to the Space they are invited too. They will have all the abilities of an organization member within that Space. Guest users are limited by the fact that they are unable to invite more guests into the Space or remove other users. They also cannot share or move Captures out of the Space.
You will now no longer need to download a captured session and send it to outside participants manually. Simply grant them access so that they can benefit from all of the features of Luffa to help them capitalize on their conversations with you and your team. 
This Guest Participant feature is now live on the web version of Luffa and will be on the mobile and native apps later this week. For a step by step on how to invite guests you can read our Help Center page about the feature. Give it a shot to start collaborating with more people than ever before!

Luffa Desktop: now live on Windows!

We are happy to announce that the Windows version of Luffa Desktop is now live and available in the Microsoft Store! Spaces and Captures are right where you left them so you can continue to use Luffa exactly how you were now with the convenience of a native app on your Windows machine.
Just like with the macOS native app this native Windows version of Luffa is more powerful than the web app. Running in Windows 10, Luffa Desktop has multiple technical enhancement to help improve the capture quality and make it possible to capture your screen as well as system audio. It is now easier than ever to capture meetings, demos, and important conversations on your Windows computers.
Windows-10-Announcement-Banner.png 399.62 KB
With this Windows Desktop version, you’ll be able to flag Moments a few new ways. While the app is open, you can click ‘f’ to bring up the Flag Moment pop-up or when the app is recording in the background you can hit Ctrl+Alt+F to instantly flag a moment without returning to the app screen. Allowing you to stay focused on other open windows.
With Luffa now available across all devices no one on your team is left behind. Users can Capture, search, and listen to conversations no matter where they are or what type of device they use. Participants will be able to join meetings and flag Moments during the session no matter if the meeting was started on an Apple laptop and they want to join on their Android phone.
Luffa-Ecosystem.png 1.01 MB
If you haven’t yet installed Luffa on your mobile device, you can find it in both the App Store and in Google Play. Install Luffa mobile to Capture while away from your computer or on the go.
Luffa Desktop is still considered to be part of our early access program as we continue to refine the platform. Download the app, give it a try and let us know what you think!
app-store-microsoft-nopadding.png 7.22 KB

Turn your words into actions with Luffa integrations

With Luffa integrations it’s easy to make your words into actions.
When using Luffa with integrations you can set a specific Moment type to trigger instant card, story, and ticket creation in your project management tool of choice. That way, when you are in the midst of discussing a user story or a list of requirements for a new task, you can instantly flag the moment to create a new story linked to that conversation.

Your words become the ticket title and the surrounding conversation is linked to the ticket. By using integrations you’ll save time on post-meeting ticket creation as well as from digging through notes to recover previous discussions.
Integrations-Announcement-Banner-v2.png 255.71 KB
To start using integrations you can head to your Settings page and go through the steps to connect to your tools of choice. You can find detailed guides on how to setup your integrations in our Help Center. If you have any questions about setting up your integrations, send them our way and we’ll get you set up.
question copy.png 39.46 KB
If you don’t see your favourite app on our current list of supported platforms let us know which app you’d like to see us integrate with next!

Capturing your remote conversations is now easier than ever

Capturing your conversations is easier than ever with the new version of Luffa Desktop on macOS.
Luffa Desktop v1.1 now unifies screen and audio capture into a single flow in place of the original audio only capture flow. Now when you click on the orange meeting button you’ll be prompted to select a screen to capture, which microphone and whether or not you want to capture the system audio.
LinkedIn-announcement-banner.png 162.71 KB

With this new flow, your screen is now part of the main capturing flow, making it more discoverable and faster to access. This new version also allows you to get live moment transcripts while capturing a screen instead of having to wait until the end of the capture to wait for the indexing process.

As always, you will have the option to capture audio without capturing your screen.

Along with a few bug fixes, this version of Luffa Desktop is the most advanced capturing experience in the Luffa ecosystem. Download it now or update your current version from the App Store!
app-store-badge.png 7.87 KB
In other Luffa news, we’ve started to publish blog posts on our Medium account
about knowledge resilience and Luffa use cases. Give us a follow if you’d like to see our future publications or applaud any that you’ve enjoyed! In the future, we’ll publish more unique use cases as well as best practices for capturing knowledge within teams.
Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 2.41.33 PM.png 555.04 KB
If you have any comments or feedback about this new version of Luffa Desktop feel free to contact us at any time!

Always be capturing,
Team Luffa

Luffa Help Center – Now Live

As part of our continuous efforts to make the Luffa onboarding process easy and straightforward, we are pleased to announce the new Luffa Help Center.
The new Luffa Help Center
In the Help Center you can quickly find guides to get you up and running with Luffa, walkthroughs on how to set up integrations, and tips on how to capture the best audio quality. It answers most of the questions first time users have and goes into more detail about some of our less obvious features. 
Powered by HelpScout, this new Help Center will allow user to browser for answers that their own pace if that’s how they like to find answer, or they can reach out to us from any page for more personalized responses.
HelpCenterContact.gif 338.04 KB
Feel free to go give it a look and let us know if there are any questions you’d like to see it answer. 
As always, if you have more direct questions or need more details feel free to send us an email at

Introducing: Luffa Desktop

We here at Luffa are excited to announce that Luffa Desktop, our brand new desktop app for macOS, has been released in the App Store!
Luffa-Desktop-announcement-image-1.png 215.82 KB
Luffa Desktop does everything the web version of Luffa while giving you the ability to capture screens as well as system audio for a higher quality recording. With Luffa Desktop you’ll be able to start capturing conversations as well as screencasts with a single click from any screen on your computer. Simply click on the Luffa icon in your menu bar to get recording.
Start a new Capture from your menu bar
Luffa Desktop looks exactly like the web interface for Luffa so there’s no new learning curve or setups to figure out. If you’re already using Luffa your Spaces and Captures are exactly where you left them and you can continue to use Luffa exactly how you were now with the convenience of a native app.

Once installed you can capture product demos, user interviews and on-screen experiences with a single click. When starting screen captures you’ll be able to select which window or screen it is you want to record as well as which audio you’d like to capture (microphone or system audio or both!).
Luffa-Desktop-announcement-banner-2.png 325.55 KB
Once the Capture has started it’s even easier to flag Moments than ever before. Simply click on the Luffa icon in the menu bar or hit ‘Option + Command⌘ + F’ on your keyboard to flag valuable pieces of dialog without having to switch over to the app. Just keep Luffa in your dock and have it be a single click away at any moment to never miss recording another important conversation.
LockToDock.gif 7.16 MB
We have more in development for it and future ideas but we’re open to hearing your thoughts and suggestions. Download the app and give it a try then let us know what you think:
ios-app-store.png 5.91 KB
If you encounter any issues with installing Luffa Desktop or capturing conversations feel free to contact us at any time!

Always be capturing,
Team Luffa

Get the official Luffa Mobile app

Great news: Luffa Mobile is now available on the App Store and on Google Play! 🎉
announcement-banner.png 397.76 KB

Don’t miss a moment and download the official Luffa Mobile app:

app-store-badge.png 5.91 KB
google-play-badge.png 5.98 KB

Say goodbye to TestFlight headaches: install Luffa Mobile on your iOS and Android devices, directly from the official app stores. You will receive regular updates, and you won’t miss a thing.

One more thing: don’t forget to reconnect your calendars!

For security reasons, the official app requires that you reconnect your calendars. So visit the Calendars Settings area and connect your calendars to let Luffa help you when your meetings start, to receive your “Day at a glance” visual outlines, and more.
iphone-calendars.png 202.58 KB

What’s next?

We spent the last few weeks getting Luffa ready for its next stage. We are looking forward to sharing with you many powerful improvements and additions to the Luffa platform. We are sure you will enjoy them, so stay tuned for further announcements…

Stop taking notes. Start having a conversation.

Great news! Luffa now automatically transcribes important moments in your conversations.
announcement-banner.png 126.3 KB

With Luffa, you now have access to automatic transcriptions of your discussions around flagged moments. You can also extend moments to show as many or as few transcribed phrases as you need.

Automatic transcriptions are a powerful time-saver, but can be sensitive to strong accents and poor acoustic conditions. So Luffa lets you edit transcriptions in place. Plus, Luffa gets smarter as you edit them, improving search results and future speech recognitions.
iPad.png 1.85 MB
Automatic transcriptions also work with your screencasts, and with videos dropped into your spaces. In a few taps you can now create a complete and discoverable visual outline of your meetings, demos, interviews and creative sessions. So start the capture and focus on what really matters: having a conversation.

Bonjour! Hola! こんにちは!

languages.png 160.18 KB
Until now, Luffa's voice features worked only with meetings held in English. Today we are happy to announce that you can now capture meetings in other languages and still enjoy the benefits of voice searches, voice-based navigation, and other features powered by Luffa's voice analysis.

When starting a meeting, simply choose your language. Luffa currently supports US English, UK English, French, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Modern Standard Arabic.

Luffa's search engine is now also multilingual: you can find captures based on their language using the new language search filter. Luffa automatically detects the language your notes are written in, so you can find them by language.
Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 11.34.30 AM.png 50.43 KB
We hope you enjoy this new functionality. Stay tuned for further improvements to the language support, to the core voice functionality, and more.

Say Hello to the New Luffa Screen Capturing Extension for Google Chrome

Today we are happy to announce the new Luffa Screen Capture Extension for Google Chrome. This browser extension lets you capture product demos, UX reviews, live chats, and other experiences that happen on your desktop screens.

Install the extension and start capturing your demos in one click. When the extension is installed, the main capture menu shows a new option: Capture the screen. Use this option to capture screens directly into a Space of your choice:
5b8fc166-bf77-49b9-bf87-3787392f6525.png 58.62 KB
You can also start a screen capture without opening Simply click on the Luffa icon in the Chrome toolbar to start capturing your screen right away:
Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 4.36.08 PM.png 118.6 KB
The Luffa extension captures the microphone audio, making it ideal for narrated demos. Plus, it includes Luffa's voice analysis features. This means that you can find your screen captures easily, navigate them based on words and phrases, and also locate sections by searching the voice.

With the new Luffa extension for Google Chrome, everyone in your organization can capture their demos in a breeze. There's no longer need to install additional software. No need to find and upload huge files. And no need worry about checking for viruses and malware — Luffa takes care of it all. Just click on the Start Screencast button and showcase your team's latest creations.

Go ahead, start capturing your demos today!

These 5 Things We Learned About Knowledge Will Make You More Resilient in 2017

In 2016 we set out to help teams capture knowledge before it is lost. We learned many important things along the way, and we would like to share a few of them with you.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 things we learned about knowledge that will make you more resilient in the new year.

knowledge.png 10.61 KB

1. Tacit knowledge can actually be captured

No amount of technical documentation can capture tacit knowledge. But with the advent of voice technologies and artificial intelligence, narrations and captured conversations are becoming a practical way to get knowledge transferred from one head into many others.

By capturing screens, whiteboard doodles, sketches and other problem-solving artifacts while telling their story, we can now capture the important details that are otherwise bound to be lost — and still find them in seconds.
trust.png 12.13 KB

2. Knowledge and Trust fuel each other

Trust keeps us together. If I trust you, I might ask you for advice or share something I learned.  But you cannot "turn trust on", no matter what the organization dictates. Trust emerges over time by working out loud, that is, by regularly capturing and sharing the things we learn.

In circles of higher trust, knowledge travels faster. This makes trust essential for collaboration. This also means that the more knowledge you share, the more trust you gain.
conversation.png 11.72 KB

3. Shared knowledge moves the conversation forward, faster

Knowledge shared with everyone in the organization moves the group conversation forward. It has the amazing effect of skipping fear-induced discussions ("What are these people working on?", "Why are they doing things this way?", etc.) and instead promotes learning and collaboration ("Have you tried this approach?", "Can you tell me more about this?", etc.).

Your team will be a few steps ahead of the game, and your organization will be collectively more intelligent.
the hidden cost of knowledge loss.png 8.72 KB

4. Lost Knowledge costs organizations large amounts of money — and grief

Mark Bailey, director of HR for General Mills, admitted that when employees leave after 5 years, it sometimes costs the company millions of dollars in lost knowledge. The British Petroleum company failed to react quickly in 2006 after a corrosion engineer left the company, letting a quarter-inch hole in a pipe turn into 250,000 gallons of crude oil — in just five days. A high-rank official at NASA confessed that "If we wanted to go to the moon again, we will be starting from scratch because all of that knowledge has disappeared."

But you don't need to be NASA or a Fortune 500 company to suffer from the hidden costs of knowledge loss. As Baby Boomers and Gen Xers step aside and Millenials step up, all organizations are affected.
future.png 11.07 KB

5. Capturing knowledge prepares your organization for the future

Constantly capturing and sharing knowledge promotes a culture of continuous learning. Continuous learning creates the kind of environment that permits new ideas to flourish: diverse perspectives and ideas are what drives a culture of innovation.

We live in a state of discontinuity. In this context, continuous learning lets you evolve quickly. And adjusting to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead as they appear is what defines tomorrow's winners.

The good news is that it is easy to get started in the right direction. Capture the things you learn as you learn them, and share them with your organization. You will gain trust, your team will shine, and your organization will start developing a culture of persistent innovation.
2017.png 13.07 KB

We wish you and your team a successful 2017!

Always be capturing,
Team Luffa

Bring Presentations and Designs to Your Meetings with Luffa Mobile

Luffa Mobile now makes it easier to include presentations and designs directly from your favourite apps into your Luffa spaces.
Import presentations and designs with Luffa Mobile.
Add presentations to your spaces in preparation for your next meeting. Or include a reference PDF while capturing the meeting, to share it with your team in real-time, in all security and in context.

Draft experiences during your design sessions using sketching apps such as Autodesk Sketchbook or Paper by 53Include diagrams from Omnigraffle, and photos taken with your favourite photo app.

All of this, and more — by just tapping the Share button. See it in action on an iPad:
sharing.m4v 17.7 MB

Don't miss a moment and get the latest version of Luffa Mobile. On iOS, open the TestFlight app and upgrade to the latest version of the app. On Android, download the latest version here.

Drop Content into Your Luffa Spaces

Hello! We wanted to let you know that you can now import files by dragging them from your desktop into your Spaces.

Drop images, videos, audio files — and even PDFs. Files are uploaded sequentially, and can be as large as 50Mb each. As files are uploaded, participants see them appear in real-time.
Your Luffa Spaces are now full-screen drop zones.

Benefit from Luffa's voice analysis features on previously-captured content. Imported files are processed and analyzed by Luffa's media pipeline. This means that voice search works on uploaded media as it does on captured meetings and video.

Uploaded files are checked against viruses and malware, so you can stay calm and keep capturing, knowing that your network remains safe.

Here is a video capture showing this new functionality in action:
Luffa drop zones in action.m4v 5.83 MB
Add presentations and outlines in preparation for your next meeting. Then drop reference material while capturing the meeting. Now your discussions and all their supporting material are together — in one place, and in context.

Introducing Luffa Webhooks

Luffa's integration capabilities just got significantly better. We are delighted to announce that Luffa Webhooks have officially launched.

Wait... web-what?

Webhooks are real-time notifications that alert third-party systems whenever an event occurs in Luffa. They let non-technical people integrate Luffa to other apps and platforms to automate workflows, save time, and get more done.

For example, you can create webhooks that trigger when:
  • Spaces are created,
  • Captures are created,
  • Participants are added to a Space,
  • Moments are flagged during meetings,
  • Meetings or captures are shared,
  • etc.

Make webhooks work for you

Here are some ways Luffa Webhooks can help you work less and get more done:
  • Automatically create a ticket in Jira, Pivotal Tracker or other issue trackers every time a moment is flagged during a meeting.
  • Create a new idea in Aha when an moment is flagged.
  • Post a Slack message when a capture is shared with the organization.
  • Post a direct message to Slack or other chat systems when you are added to a Space.
  • Automatically push Luffa notes to Confluence, Google Drive or Sharepoint.
  • Implement automatic activity logs for auditing or compliance purposes.
  • etc.
If you are not a technical person, you can rely on connector apps such as Zapier or Microsoft Flow to use webhooks to connect Luffa to hundreds of applications.

Creating Luffa Webhooks

To create a webhook, visit the Settings > Webhooks area.
Screenshot: the Settings > Webhooks area invites you to create a new webhook.

Click on "add a webhook", then:
  • Give your new webhook a name, so you can find it easily.
  • Choose a scope. The scope defines the type of objects that trigger the webhook (space, capture, moment, or shared capture).
  • Enter the target URL. This is the URL where Luffa posts data about the object that triggered the webhook. You typically get this URL from the system you are connecting Luffa to.
  • Take note of the secret token. This token is unique and generated automatically by Luffa. It can be used by the remote system to validate that the webhook originates from Luffa.
  • Press Save to create the webhook.
Once created, your new webhook triggers every time objects of the selected scope are created, deleted, or updated.

For security reasons, webhooks trigger only for objects you have access to. Webhooks created by organization owners and administrators trigger for all objects in the organization.

I am a technical person. What data is sent with webhooks?

Luffa Webhooks use the Luffa API to build the JSON payload sent to the remote system. This means that the schema is identical to the one you would receive in a response to the Luffa API.

If you have questions or need assistance using Luffa Webhooks to connect to other systems, don't hesitate to contact us.

We are looking forward to seeing the workflows you create

As your team gains knowledge during meetings and discussions, decisions are made and actions follow. With Luffa, you can easily find these moments and discussions. And now, thanks to webhooks, you can jump to them directly from the tools you already use to track actions and their outcomes.

But that is just one of the many possible workflows enabled by connecting Luffa to your existing toolset. What knowledge workflows will you create?

Introducing the new Moments

Moments are the most popular interaction during Luffa meetings, so we made them better.

To make moments better, we listened to your feedback. And here is what you said:

  • “Not all moments are equal. I want to differentiate them at a glance!”
  • “Adjusting moments is difficult on mobile!”
  • “I want to be able to indicate why I flagged the moment!"
So we redesigned moments to address these issues and take them to the next level.

Say hello to the new Moments

When flagging moments, you can now select an icon to identify them visually.  You can also leave a quick note to remind you (or to let your team know) why you flagged the moment.
The new Moments user interface

The moment note and its icon appear in the moment tooltips, and in the meeting timeline, so you can find moments at a glance:
Screenshot: custom notes and icons in the meeting timeline

Moment notes and icons are propagated in real-time to all participants, both during and after the meeting, making sure everyone is in the loop. They are also exposed via the Luffa API, letting you build custom integrations such as connecting smart buttons to Luffa.
Adjusting start and end times is now easier, too. Tap and hold the plus and minus buttons to adjust when the moments start and end. As you hold the buttons, Luffa accelerates the adjustment increments. When you release the plus and minus buttons, Luffa plays a short audio cue indicating the current position, letting you refine the moment boundaries.

Stay tuned for more

We hope these improvements help you run more efficient team meetings.
We have even bigger plans for moments in Luffa, and we are already working on further improvements so stay tuned for more. In the meantime, give the new moments a try and don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions, comments or suggestions.

Managing accounts in your organization

As more people in your organization adopt Luffa, you need to be able to manage their accounts efficiently. So while Luffa is still in its infancy, and while our main focus is on capturing meetings, we started rolling out features to let you easily manage your organization accounts.

These new features start with user roles.

Owners, Admins and Members

Users in Luffa have one of the following three roles: Owner, Admin or Member.

Owners are typically the people who first sign in to Luffa and manage the organization subscription. Other users have the Member role by default. Owners can promote other users to owners or administrators.

Owners and administrators inherit special permissions. At the moment, owners and administrators can:
  • Access the users management settings.
  • Edit a users' name, email, and avatar.
  • Edit a user's role.
  • Disable user accounts.
  • Unshare captures.
Administrators can do everything owners can, except for demoting owners, managing the organization subscription, and deleting the organization.

User roles can also be accessed programmatically via the Luffa API.

Editing Users

Owners and administrators can manage and edit user accounts in the Settings > Users settings area.
The Users Settings view lets owners and admins edit organization accounts.

Click on the pencil icon next to a user to edit the user's settings.
Owners and admins can edit user accounts.

Deactivating accounts

Sometimes you need to restrict a user from accessing your Luffa organization. To do this, owners and administrators can disable the Active toggle in the user settings.

Here is what you need to know about disabling user accounts:
  • Disabled accounts are immediately logged out and their API key is revoked, making sure they can no longer access organization content.
  • Disabled accounts are not deleted, so that other users can still read their content and it all continues to make sense.
  • Disabled accounts appear struck-through in the list of organization users.
  • Disabled accounts can be re-enabled by owners and administrators.

Unsharing shared captures

Sometimes people share captures they shouldn't have. To deal with this, owners and administrators can now unshare captures, directly from the capture actions menu.
Owners and admins can unshare captures.

You can expect to see more administrator-level functionality soon. Whether it is to deal with malicious actions or to assist with simple mishaps, these new features will help you better manage your Luffa organization.

Say hello to Luffa Mobile

Luffa makes it easy to capture your meetings, interviews, demos and more. But until now, you could only do so on your computers.

Today we are thrilled to announce the beta release of Luffa Mobile.

Luffa Mobile is available on both the iOS and Android platforms, and offers the entire Luffa functionality. Capturing meetings with your team is now easier than ever, and fun.
Say hello to Luffa Mobile

Would you like to take Luffa Mobile for a spin? Let us know and we will add you to the beta list. Your team will then be able to use their devices during meetings... the smart way!

Always be capturing,
Team Luffa

How do you find past meetings quickly?

Luffa lets you capture your team meetings with one tap. You can then "go back in time" and explore the team's social mind, revisiting why specific insights were gained, and how important decisions were made.
But as time goes by and all your meetings are captured, how do you find that particular meeting during which you decided that, let's say, you needed to hire an ice-cream sandwich expert?
Our brains remember meetings based on things that were said, or when they happened. But the human brain is particularly good at geotagging memories with spatial information. So, wouldn't it be great if you could find meetings that happened in a particular location?
It would be great indeed — and now you can, with Luffa! Here is how it works.
Luffa geotags your meetings; you just need to grant access to your location when prompted, and Luffa does the rest. Your geotagged meetings can easily be found by using the near search filter — you can use countries, cities, streets, places and businesses names. Luffa even suggests places as you type, so you can find the meeting you are looking for in a couple of clicks.
Find meetings and captures based on where they took place with Luffa's "near:" search filter.
Automatic geotagging also works for captured videos, photos, and even notes. So combine the new location filter with keyword searches and temporal filters (during:,before:, after:, on:) to find any capture in seconds. Give it a try now ➝

Saving your searches

Luffa's Assistive Search makes it easy to put together powerful queries. But sometimes you need to regularly look for certain meetings or captures, and end up performing the same search over and over again. So we thought it would be great if you could reuse them.
You can now save your Luffa searches by clicking on the Save button in the search input field. When you save a search, you no longer need to re-build it; you simply click on the save search in the suggestions menu, and Luffa immediately runs it for you. Luffa even recommends matching saved searches as you type in new queries!
You can now save your search queries by clicking on the SAVE button in the search box.
If you no longer need to keep a search around, you can remove it from the list by clicking on the trash icon next to it. As an added bonus, you can also share your saved searches with others in your organization.
Click on saved searches to re-run them.
Finding captures and meetings should be quick and easy; that’s why we put lots of effort into Luffa's search experience. We hope you enjoy this new addition.

Sharing captures with your organization

One of Luffa's main premises is that everyone should capture knowledge as it is gained, and share it with the rest of the organization. Sharing the things you do and learn with the rest of the organization should be a reflex, and super easy!
With this in mind, we are happy to release Luffa’s sharing functionality: you can now share your captures with the organization in a couple of clicks.
Here is how it works: open the capture you would like to share, open the actions menu on the top-right corner, click Share and confirm. Your shared notes, photos, videos and meetings appear in the organization timeline where everyone in the organization can see what is being created collectively.
The organization timeline.
Knowledge and trust go hand-in-hand. Knowledge travels faster in circles of high trust; but the opposite is also true: the more you share, the more trust you build. So start capturing what you learn, and sharing it with your organization; it will empower you.