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Luffa is the capturing app for teams that makes meetings more useful, productive and smart.

Stop running meetings.
Start having a conversation.

Luffa captures and remembers your discussions, interviews, demos, and creative sessions for you. Your team can now focus and participate during meetings knowing that it is all captured in a single place, in real-time, and in the context of the conversation.

Luffa recording a meeting

Designed for your team.
Scales with your organization.

Flag important moments, capture whiteboard doodles, sticky notes, and screens — together as a team. Drop presentations and reference material to keep it all in context. You’ll leave the meeting sooner, too!

Luffa Team Meetings

Relive every moment.
Or just the important ones.

Review your demos and discussions at different speeds — or play just the important moments. Share as much as you need with others in the organization, and make your team shine.

Meeting review

Find your meetings and
jump directly to the best bits.

Luffa’s voice search engine lets you find your captures in an instant. Find the sections you are looking for by searching for things that were said. Luffa even transcribes your captures automatically and in real-time, so you will end the meeting with a visual and readable outline of the conversation.

Voice search

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